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What  clients say

about working with Kathleen

Due to personal nature of this work, some clients prefer to remain anonymous. We respect the anonymity of all clients. Full names are listed with permission only.

"Those negative parts of me that I was always so focused on - now they’re gone!"

Kathleen's system helped me discover that what I had considered negative parts of me were really positive parts that just needed to be redirected. Kathleen's compassion and wisdom were essential in guiding me through the self-awareness needed to appreciate my true potential.

The Amazing You Journey can work for anyone who wants to truly embrace and love all aspects of themselves.

"I came to Kathleen's workshop with just a "titch" of a "been there, done it all,

​seen it all" attitude."

​​The Amazing You Journey gave me a depth and breathe of insight into myself that allowed me to take control of habits and actions that have been costing me in my work and personal life. ​​Through a safe environment, fun activities and gut honest disclosure, I was able to tackle and change limiting beliefs while having fun and making new connections. 

​​I don't care how much work you feel you've done or haven't done on yourself, I highly recommend this course for anyone ready to move forward to the next level within themselves.

"I never learned how to deal with my pain in a healthy way."

​​The workshop led me through a journey to better understanding myself and my past. Through Kathleen’s warmth, loving nature, and teachings, I have learned concepts and strategies to deal with my pain in a healthy way, rather than “stuffing it” or avoiding it.

​​In just a few short weeks, I have already began to notice a positive change within myself and my relationships with my family and friends. In addition, I listen to myself more now, and don’t sacrifice my values just to appease someone else. I feel more grounded and empowered. 

"I was reluctant, resistant and ready to run far, far away from this workshop!" 

Before working with Kathleen I was numb. I didn’t cry, I didn’t rejoice. I didn’t lose, I didn’t win. I didn’t love,

​I didn’t hurt.

Kathleen and The Amazing You System unlocked the meaning of true intimacy for me and gave me the tools to understand the person God created me to be—The Amazing Me!

"I worked really hard to keep people from seeing my pain."

Kathleen’s work has changed my life. I respect myself and have confidence in myself that I never had before. What I looked for from other people, I now find within myself and fill my life with good people who respect me, as I respect myself. I am happier than I have ever been. While there are still hard times in life, I now have the tools to get through those times, and come out stronger on the other side.

"Worldly success wasn't enough to make me happy."

I couldn't figure out why I didn't try harder to save endangered relationships. Kathleen helped me discover that a brilliant strategy I used early in my career was unconsciously sabotaging my relationships today.

​​I am now able to recognized and break free of that former strategy to create more meaningful and stratifying relationships. This insight alone makes me the most optimistic about the future than I have ever been.

"I had lost my enthusiasm for life. I felt anxious, waiting for the next bad thing."

​​I understand my life more clearly now. I see where my point of view originated. Now I can control where I am going in a positive way. I have the tools to grow in the way God wants me to grow. I like myself more and feel more peaceful inside. 

​​Life is more enjoyable. I know I am going to go far and feel enthusiastic about the journey.      

Sandra, Executive CFO ​

"I was tired, had no energy and lacked focus even though I was working all the time."

​I am more focused – not denying my feelings and not fearing anger. I feel youthfulness and flamboyancy. It’s good to feel free!          

Carolyn Newman, Dentist

"I was in a “dark hole” I thought I’d never escape from." 

Before going through the Amazing You program, I had little joy, happiness or peace in my life. In fact, I was in a “dark hole” after losing my business, my health, my friends and my whole identity.

After working with Kathleen, that’s all changed. She gave me back my life and I’m truly a changed person. She:

• Taught me how to let go of my past negative experiences.

• Gave me the tools to deal with difficult relationships and situations.

• Helped me learn to love myself.

I never thought I’d come out of that “dark hole”, yet with Kathleen’s help, I was able to move forward and flourish. She truly rebuilds people!

"My life was going well except I couldn't understand why I reacted so negatively to certain things in my life."​

While attending the Amazing You Workshop, Kathleen helped me understand myself and my response to situations in a way that has made a permanent change in how I view my world.

​​I recommend her work to anyone who wants to understand how they can react/respond to the things that are happening and will happen to them in the future better. It is the most remarkable and rewarding Personal Growth opportunity I have ever experienced.

"The most rewarding workshop I've ever attended." 

I wasn’t prepared for the kind of impact this workshop would have on me. Without a doubt, it was the hardest AND most rewarding programs I've ever attended.

I now have numerous tools to use to keep me on a positive and fulfilling path in my life. Thank you Kathleen! I am forever grateful for what you have done to help me become the man that God intended

​me to be!

Terry was hit by a 1/2 ton truck while out riding her bike.

Kimberly Amadeo, Economist

​World Money Watch

June Cline, Professional Speaker

Humorist and Life Coach​

Tara Musselman

Professional Counselor, Educator

Barbara Willis

​Executive Director:​ Treasure House

Don Thoren, President

Thoren Group, LLC​

Christine Davis

Commercial Property Manager​

Terry Roach, Founder

Body Stabilization Training.

14 Time World Champion Track Cyclist​​

Tim Owens, Managing Director

New Generation Communities, LLC​

Mary Lynn Illnitsky, CEO, Get Dressed On Purpose, Certified Image Consultant

”I attended this workshop...AND it changed my life!

​It helped me to understand why I react to people that I love with unreasonable expectations. What I loved most about this workshop is that it helped me to see that I am LOVEABLE and that I didn't need to shame myself for how I interacted with those close to my heart. It give me the tools to identify undesirable behaviors. Lastly, as I slowly learn of who I am... I'm learning to love myself and not shame myself. I highly recommend this workshop because it will help you awaken your soul... so, that you may live your life happy, Joyous, and free!!!” 

Elizabeth Patino,


"It’s a 10 out of 10!"

I’m sensing a big shift from “Am I doing this right?” to “whatever it is, I’m all right (and alright – both). I appreciate the brilliance of your system as a way to embrace myself and have tools to deal my reactions. My husband and I are showing up with each other in sweet loving ways since I got home.

Please know I appreciate you and your brilliant leadership and your spontaneous ability to show your feelings – a great role model. May you have great success helping lots of other people feel their joy.   

Barbara McNichol, CEO

Non-fiction Editor, Educator

"I only wish I had discovered it earlier in my coaching career. I would be retired


I have been a fan of Kathleen Thoren’s Amazing You Program for several years.

The Amazing You Program helps you bring your best self forward in every situation. Most importantly, it gives you the tools to accomplish this in a simple, easy and timely manner.

The Amazing You Program is truly Amazing. Thank you Kathleen!

Katharine Halpin, MCC

The Halpin Companies, Inc. ​

"My family and I are already benefiting from my experience and I am certain things are only going to get better."

​The workshop was very balanced and I felt taken care of the entire time. I was expecting to go up and down emotionally. I did a lot of good exploring of myself and some of it was challenging but it was just the right amount of everything so that the experience was safe and nurturing and eye-opening and joyful all at the same time. I felt good about the whole process and would recommend it to any of my friends or family because of how take care of I felt and how good I felt afterwards. 

Jennifer Michaels

​Information Technology

User Experience Expert​