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Scottsdale, AZ  85251


Masters in Ministry

and Counseling

The Engaged Living experience is based on more than 27 years working with individuals, couples, and groups. Kathleen compassionately guides you in the discovery of new possibilities for life and relationship satisfaction and happiness. 


By freeing you from exactly what's blocking your heart and mind from having the life of your dreams. Through a structured program with a specific beginning and end, you will discover that you are not sabotaging yourself.  You are simply using life strategies that worked at one time but are blocking you now. Are there areas of your life where you can't seem to create what you want? Do you find yourself repeating behaviors and thoughts over and over without understanding why?

    You'll discover that you are more amazing and more 

powerful than you ever imagined. I will teach you how to create the life you want!

"Kathleen teaches you how your deepest

hurts and needs can become your

 greatest assets for happiness and


She is truly gifted and fun to work with as you

learn and grow more than you could ever imagine."

Dr. Sumer Aeed