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Masters in Ministry

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Steve, Business owner

My professional life has been a rich blend of fulfilling and varied roles from managing multimillion-dollar government projects, founding and managing non-profit corporations, professional speaking and singing, and owning a construction company before I was 35 years old.  I have been blessed to travel extensively. 

In all my travels, I met person after person who desired more fulfilling relationships with themselves, others, and God. I wanted that too.  So, as a single parent of two incredible daughters, I went back to college in my mid 30’s and earned a Master’s degree in Ministry and Counseling.

I became an expert in relationships and the emotional healing process because I needed healing.  By the time I was 13 years old, I had 4 dads and 5 moms. This meant a lot of moving and adapting to the constant change in my family dynamics, different people/siblings/friends, houses, and schools.   It's easy for me to understand and have compassion for others' struggles because I’ve been there. I know pain and know how to create the safety needed to help others navigate the unique ways they found to overcome challenges. I am deeply committed to freeing others from the blocks that hold them back from living an incredible life. 

Master's Degree, Counseling and Ministry, Hope International University, Fullerton, CA, Honors

Founded Enrich Relationships, Inc. an AZ non-profit serving trauma victims. Domestic Violence, Foster Children, Veterans 

Founded KAT Ministries, Inc. a CA non-profit organization helping individuals affected by trauma, abuse, and deprivation

Indy Car Racing Circuit - Vocalist and counselor. A national and international service provider with Motorsports, Inc.

Leadership Positions specializing in organizational leadership for corporations, churches, and non-profit organizations

Served and lived as a missionary in Central America, Mexico, China, Peru, Bolivia, and San Diego’s inner city

Managed multimillion-dollar programs at the City of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Vocal and Performance Coach with a specialty in music therapy

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"I felt safe there.

I felt God and peace there. I

knew I was

learning something that could set me free and it did."


School Administrator

Today, the love and happiness I experience in my relationships with family and friends are above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Many have helped me along the way so I am passionate about giving back.  I want to be a part of making life better for those who want more for themselves and their loved ones.  Regardless of how you describe the quality of your life and relationship satisfaction, if you desire to move to the next level, I stand ready to assist you.

I discovered how to navigate through self-limiting beliefs.  For over 27 years now, I have been working with individuals, couples, and groups to unblock and heal the negative effects of the past and tap into their own amazing power that transforms them.   I have been blessed to work with many people at the top of their professions who are committed to their own continued growth as well as those just starting to find their success in life.

My Personal Journey